Hello, fellow gamers! Today, we're diving into the captivating world of Tzared, an online strategy game that will have you strategizing, building, and conquering in no time. If you're a fan of resource management, diplomacy, and epic battles, this is the game for you.

What is Tzared?

Tzared throws you into a medieval realm where you play as a ruler aiming to expand your kingdom's influence and power. Your goal? To dominate the map through a mix of cunning diplomacy, clever resource management, and well-planned military campaigns. It's a real-time strategy game that challenges your tactical thinking and decision-making skills.

How to Play:

Getting started with Tzared is fairly straightforward, but mastering its complexities requires finesse. You begin by selecting a faction and establishing your initial settlement. From there, you'll need to manage resources like wood, stone, and gold to build structures, recruit armies, and conduct research to advance your society.

Diplomacy plays a crucial role � forming alliances, forging trade agreements, or negotiating peace can help you strengthen your position and avoid unnecessary conflict. However, be prepared for epic battles as you expand your territory and clash with rival rulers.

Winning Strategies:

1. Balance Expansion and Defense: While expanding is essential, leaving your settlements undefended is a recipe for disaster. Strike a balance between growing your realm and fortifying your borders to deter enemy incursions.

2. Economic Efficiency: Efficiently managing your resources is vital. Focus on upgrading resource-generating buildings and maintaining a strong economy to support your expansion and military endeavors.

3. Diplomacy Matters: Building positive relations with neighboring factions can lead to alliances that provide mutual benefits. This can free you from potential multi-front conflicts, allowing you to concentrate on targeted expansion.

4. Adapt to the Situation: Be ready to adjust your strategy based on the current circumstances. Whether it's shifting from peaceful expansion to military conquest or redirecting resources to counter an imminent threat, adaptability is key.

5. Effective Use of Units: Understanding your units' strengths and weaknesses is essential. Utilize different troop types effectively - from infantry and archers to cavalry and siege units - to gain an upper hand in battles.


Tzared is a complex and immersive strategy game that lets you build, conquer, and forge alliances in a medieval world. Whether you're a fan of resource management, diplomacy, or epic battles, Tzared offers an engaging experience that will keep you strategizing for hours on end. Remember, success requires a balance of economic prowess, diplomatic finesse, and military might. So, embark on your journey to become a mighty ruler and shape the fate of your kingdom!

Happy gaming!

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